As a Swiss-born American artist, fluent in Mandarin, and experienced in living and working in Asia and America, Fuerer brings a unique intercultural perspective to his art. His education at the State University of New York, School of Art + Design, at Purchase College, provided him with the ideal environment to cultivate his talents as a contemporary “flâneur” – a painter and observer of the urban and rural landscapes that surround him.

When Fuerer wasn’t out on the streets of New York City, painting en plein air, he could be found studying the works of the masters at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, honing his craft and refining his technique. His deep passion for art and his insatiable curiosity about the world led him to work at The Neuberger Museum of Art, where he had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most celebrated artists of our time, helping to install their groundbreaking exhibitions and learning from their vast knowledge and experience.

Fuerer’s remarkable talent and dedication to his craft has earned him widespread recognition. He was handpicked to curate and produce the SUNY “Alumni Cabaret Show” and the “Art is Dangerous show,” showcasing his creative vision and his ability to bring together diverse artists and audiences. Fuerer’s outstanding academic achievements were recognized when he received a full-ride scholarship for his best-in-showpiece, “The Garbageman Named George,” and graduated Summa cum laude.

Fuerer’s pursuit of artistic excellence has led him beyond his formal education in New York to apprenticeships with renowned artists all over Asia. He apprenticed under celebrated classical sculptor Shei Dong Li in Pingtung, Taiwan, privately learned from master draftsman Zhang Jian Qiao in Beijing, and explored contemporary sculpture with Xu Zi Gui in Tainan. This diverse range of influences has contributed to Fuerer’s signature style, which combines Eastern design and space with Western depth and atmosphere.

Fuerer’s artistic practice is defined by his interdisciplinary interests and his ability to work across a variety of mediums with remarkable skill and precision. Currently, Fuerer is most drawn to the medium of narrative painting, which allows him to tell stories and explore complex themes through the use of vivid imagery and rich symbolism. His paintings are imbued with a sense of emotional depth and intellectual rigor that speaks to his profound understanding of the human condition.

Fuerer’s paintings are greatly informed by his experience making sculptures, which has given him a unique appreciation for form, texture, and dimensionality. This multidisciplinary approach to art-making allows Fuerer to create works that are truly unique and multifaceted, combining elements of painting, sculpture, and storytelling in innovative ways.

Fuerer’s work is influenced by a wide range of artistic traditions and movements, from American Social Realism to the works of Balthus and Gauguin. His current work owes a debt to Neo Rauch and the Leipzig school, which has inspired him to explore the possibilities of narrative painting in a contemporary context.

Through his strong narrative painting and his deep historical awareness, Fuerer is positioning himself as a pioneering figure in the next wave of figurative painting on an international stage. His work is a testament to his profound artistic vision and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art and his work promises too captivate and inspire viewers for generations to come.